Why Do We Struggle Making Decisions?

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My name is DANA PEEVER, author of the #1 best-selling book series including "The Decision to Purge" and more recently, "The Decision to Live", developer of "The Decision Smith" APP, creator of the "Powered by Decisions Course Series with PbD - Pro for Professionals and PbD - Coach Certification, the "Year of You" Challenger and leading expert on DECISION-MAKING.

My greatest passion is to minimize the struggle (doubt, drama, risk and regret) when making big, tough decisions!


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So Why Do We Struggle With Making Decisions?

We struggle to make tough decisions in life because they often involve complex trade-offs, uncertainty, and emotional factors that can cloud our judgment and make it difficult to arrive at a clear and rational choice.

Fear of making the wrong decision

People may worry about the potential consequences of their decisions, which can lead to indecision and avoidance.


People may become overwhelmed by the options and possibilities, leading to analysis paralysis and indecision.

Social Pressure

People may feel pressure to conform to the expectations of others, which can lead them to make decisions that are not aligned with their own values or goals.

Lack of information

People may not have enough information to make an informed decision, which can lead to uncertainty and doubt.

Emotional Attachment

People may have strong emotional ties to certain options, such as relationships or jobs, which can make it difficult to make objective choices.


People may struggle to prioritize between competing options or values, making it difficult to arrive at a clear decision.

The #1 reason: They don’t have a system they can rely on to ensure they’ve turned over every rock. My decision-making blueprint guides people to confidently take their next best step fueled by peace of mind.

I'm on a mission to Empower You To Make Tough Decisions With Absolute Confidence And Equip You With A System To Help You Do The Same!

Don't believe us, believe them

" I've used Dana's system to make major decisions in my life and business. From moving across the country, what home to choose and what business opportunities to pursue, Dana's system was pivotal to my ability to move forward with confidence. ”

Jill Fleming

President, Tarna Technologies

"Dana is incredibly raw, honest and wise. Her app, book and system are tools that will help transform the way you make big life decisions - with confidence and strength. I was blessed to have my world collide with Dana’s in my early 20’s. She became a mentor, friend and an inspiration to the kind of woman I wanted to become. Dana and her System have played a role in every decision I have made the last 10 years. My life has shifted to one that I love to lead, emphases on the word lead! ”

Amber Kelsey-Foster


"At a time in my life when I was faced with some life-changing decisions, I was fortunate enough to spend uninterrupted hours with Dana. What I appreciated most about Dana's approach was her ability to listen, and then to ask just the right questions to elicit the depth of thought required to make such decisions. Her 5 Step Decision Smith System knows no bounds. Her app is an excellent tool for anyone faced with a tough decision, starting from a very early age. This process should be taught in schools. Her counsel sure helped me choose the right path!”

Nancy Fornasiero

Owner, ACE Coworking


The 5-Step System To Confidently Making Tough Decisions

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